The Liberal Arts at Providence College

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A liberal arts education is an invitation to excel in scholarship, creativity, and character. Providence College students are defined by excellence because they define — and redefine — it every day.

At Providence College, we value critical thinking, celeb​rate the linkage of faith and reason in the quest for knowledge, and recognize the importance of moral and ethical reasoning, artistic appreciation, and understanding the natural world, other cultures, and diverse traditions. ​

Our curriculum is intentionally well-rounded to combine the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education. Here, science and history majors explore art, literature, theology, and philosophy, as well as issues related to our increasingly global and diverse society.​ A PC liberal arts education is an education in the human experience – one that is grounded in the ages but essential for success in the modern world.

PC Liberal Arts Perspectives

Dr. Michelle Tolini Finamore ’91

Liberal Arts Big Picture from Providence College on Vimeo.

Dr. Vance Morgan

Ruane Center Dedication Ceremony 10/5/13, Dr. Vance Morgan, stage, podium, speech, speaking .October 5, 2013

Dr. Vance Morgan is a professor of philosophy and the former director of PC’s signature Developm​​ent ​​​of Western Civilization Program. He believes in the liberal arts. He thinks you should, too.