Majors and Minors 2024

Students studying in a Civ Seminar, Ruane Interior

Academic Programs


Our nationally recognized accountancy program teaches more than just “the math.” Our program provides a strong foundation in accountancy knowledge, skills, and tools.

It also focuses on providing students the ability to think broadly about accounting and its relationship to society, extending that knowledge to better anticipate and understand the implications of their decisions.

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American Studies

Our American Studies Program allows you to learn about and examine the American experience through many lenses — art, literature, history, culture, politics, and social movements. It is a highly flexible program, making it an ideal program for students interested in multiple aspects of the humanities such as English, history, black studies, political science, sociology, public and community service, business, and many other disciplines.

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Using a broad approach, anthropological studies range from the local to the global, from everyday life, to special events—all aspects that transform, influence and shape our experience as a species living in this planet. Anthropology is an excellent companion to any major or field of study. With an emphasis on qualitative/ethnographic research methods, students will develop the skills necessary to conduct individual ethnographic fieldwork projects. The Anthropology Minor is designed to complement and expand the general education that students receive at PC. 

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The studio art program stresses a strong foundation in the fine arts, as well as the liberal arts, on which to build careers in the arts, communication, advertising, and related fields. The student is also prepared for graduate study leading to an M.F.A. in studio art or M.A.T. in art education.

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Art History

The program in art history emphasizes the historical, cultural, and formal contexts of art and visual culture, preparing students for graduate study as well as careers in museums, cultural advocacy, marketing, communication, and other fields. 

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Asian and Asian American Studies

Asian and Asian American Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program, offering students the opportunity to pursue special topics within the disciplines of art history, economics, English, history, political science, philosophy, and sociology.

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The bachelor of science program in biochemistry combines the chemistry courses required for the bachelor of arts in chemistry program with selected courses in biology and biochemistry. The program is excellent preparation for students interested in medical and dental school, as well as students interested in graduate school in biochemistry or molecular biology.

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The goal of the biology curriculum is to make students aware of the structure, function, and evolution of life as manifested on the cellular, organismic, and population levels through lecture, formal laboratories, and experiential education (e.g. research and internship).

There are many opportunities offered to students to explore their passions in the biological and life sciences, including our focus areas of bioinformatics, ecology and evolutionary biology, molecular biology, conservation, marine biology, bioethics, cancer biology, bioimaging, neuroscience, organismal biomechanics, and physiology.  

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Black Studies

Our program offers a strong grounding in the African-American community’s past and present. We study the unique cultures, collective experiences, and connections within the African Diaspora so that students gain a better understanding of American society and the world we live in. 

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Business Innovation

The Business and Innovation minor at Providence College combines the best of a liberal arts education with contemporary courses in business. The minor gives non-business majors a fundamental toolkit of valuable business skills, including entrepreneurship and innovation. Interdisciplinary in nature, the Business and Innovation minor offers foundational courses in accountancy, computer science, and art.

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Catholic Humanities

The minor in Catholic Humanities, administered by the Humanities Program, provides a strong foundation in the interdisciplinary study of the humanities within the context of the Catholic intellectual tradition. 

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Catholic Studies

The Catholic Studies major is a perfect choice for those seeking an interdisciplinary education animated by the Catholic intellectual tradition that combines theology, philosophy, literature, history, the arts, and more.

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Chemistry is the “central science” — it’s the air, the oceans, the earth. Chemistry is a foundational scientific discipline that is critical to solving many of the world’s most pressing problems. At Providence College, we provide our students the tools to satisfy their natural curiosity about the world and explore wherever their interests lead them.

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Classical History and Cultures

As the original interdisciplinary field of study, students approach Classics through a range of courses and interests – archaeology, art, art history, history, language, literature, philosophy, religious studies, and theology.

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Classical Languages

Students will take at least four courses in ancient Greek and/or Latin and two electives offered through the History and Classics Department.

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Studying the wellspring of Western thinking gives them a wider perspective and deeper understanding of the problems and opportunities that confront modern society. The study of the classics teaches analytical thinking, close attention to detail, and the ability to see the big picture and small details at the same time.  

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The Communication minor will help prepare you to be successful in a wide range of careers, including graphic design, commercial art, marketing, advertising, theatre, television, film, radio, arts administration, fundraising, community organizing, project management, public relations, media, and journalism, among others.

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Computer Science

The computer science major at PC provides students with the knowledge of networks, databases, operating and numerical methods of solving problems, as well as the mathematics that form the base of the field. Our program incorporates rigorous practice in solving problems using algorithms and teaches students how to implement solutions using high-level programming languages.

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Creative Writing

The Creative Writing major offers a rich mix of creative writing and literature courses that provides students the rare opportunity to complement their creative writing skills with the exciting addition of literature courses that arc from Chaucer to contemporary fiction and poetry.

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The Dance minor is designed to give students a foundation in dance technique, composition, history, and criticism.

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