Philosophy Foundation

For the Philosophy Foundation to be fulfilled, students must take two, three-credit, Core-designated philosophy courses. One must be an ethics course and the other must be a course in a field of philosophy other than ethics.​

Why Philosophy?

The tradition of the Dominican Order is one of teaching and scholarship, of seeking answers to the great questions of human speculation, and of helping others to do the same. In support of this tradition​​, Providence College requires of its students to study philosophy.

Philosophy is “the love of wisdom,” and as such, philosophy serves to enrich the lives of students not only by leading them onto the path to finding these answers — since by nature all desire to know them — but also by cultivating in them the habits of moral reasoning and virtuous practice, qualities indispensable for any member of society to contribute to the common good. Beyond this, the study of philosophy uniquely fosters students’ faculties of reasoning, making them better able to think critically, to understand themselves in light of the Judeo- Christian heritage, to discern virtue, and, ultimately, to pursue the goal of all education: Truth.​​

Philosophy-Ethics Foundation Courses