Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

Graduate students in a Teaching Mathematics class

Turn your passion for mathematics and education into a meaningful career that is in high demand. 

According to the U.S. Department of Education, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are experiencing a shortage of mathematics teachers. There is a tremendous need for talented math educators in our area.

​​​​​​The Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics Program at Providence College is designed to develop excellence in teaching for the mathematics educator that is consistent with the recommendations of the National Research Council.

Massachusetts teachers: The MA in Teaching Mathematics meets the Massachusetts Professional Licensure requirement for graduate-level content preparation for math teachers.

Teacher Certification Option: If you are interested in our Teacher Certification Program with a joint Mathematics Master of Education (M.Ed.), please visit the Teacher Certification pages for additional information.

This program welcomes applications from all college graduates who have completed at least 24 credit hours in mathematics beyond pre-calculus or 18 credit hours in mathematics beyond pre-calculus and 6 hours in education. Applicants who do not meet this requirement may enroll in directed reading courses in preparation for this program. Reading courses are designed through consultation with the program director and cannot be used for graduate credit.

Requirements for the degree

  1. Completion of 21 credit hours in mathematics and 9 credit hours in education.
  2. Completion of the required mathematics courses: Algebraic Structures I and II and Mathematical Analysis I and II.

Course offerings are designed so that most students can complete the program within two years. Generally, at least eight courses are offered yearly and faculty advisors are available to help students select courses.

A teacher certification program in mathematics at the secondary level is also available. Students may enroll in the MAT and the certification program concurrently.

Elective mathematics courses are selected from the following:

  • 500 Foundations of Mathematics
  • 504 Difference and Differential Equations
  • 506 History of Mathematics
  • 507 Number Theory
  • 514 Numerical Analysis
  • 518 Topology
  • 523 Probability and Statistics
  • 530 Topics in Geometry
  • 536 Topics in Real Variables
  • 537 Topics in Complex Variables
  • 538 Topics in Algebra
  • 539 Topics in Logic
  • 540 Topics in Applied Mathematics
  • 541 Topics in Category Theory
  • 545 Topics in Combinatorics
  • 548 Topics in Functional Analysis


Wataru Ishizuka, Program Director
Location: Howley Hall 221
Phone: 401-865-2784​