Minoring in Communication at Providence College

What is the Study of Communication?

We communicate in a myriad of ways each day, some of which we might recognize, others that may escape our notice: the words we utter, the clothes we wear, our social media feeds.  The Communication Minor at Providence College is designed to train you to think critically about visual, oral, and written expression to enhance your ability to navigate our contemporary world. Regardless of the career you pursue, this minor will give you the tools necessary to communicate purposefully and thoughtfully and to analyze the explicit and implicit communications of others.

Why Minor in Communication at Providence College?

A Communication Minor is the perfect complement to the liberal arts. You will study the principles of visual, oral, and written expression within the substantive context of Political Science; English; Art and Art History; Theater, Dance and Film; History; and much more. The schedule of requirements and electives emphasizes creation and interpretation, production and analysis, practice and theory, and allows students to tailor the minor to suit their specific interests. The course of study prepares graduates for careers in graphic design, commercial art, marketing, advertising, theatre, television, film, radio, arts administration, fundraising, community organizing, project management, public relations, media, and journalism, among others.

Apply to the Communication Minor

The Spring 2022 application process is open now through February 28th, 2022. To apply, please submit the following materials using the link below.

Application Requirements: Due February 28, 2022 

1)    Statement of Purpose (500-1000 words) 
Explain your interest in the Communication Minor.  How does it connect with your Major?  In what ways will an interdisciplinary minor enhance your learning goals? How will your skills and interests contribute to the cohort of Communication minors at Providence College?

2)    Sample Creative or Academic Work (optional) 
Please use this space to submit a sample of work that reflects your skills and/or goals in the Communication program.  Examples might include writing samples, photography, paintings or drawings, video, digital content, and others.  

Please note: Only students who have declared a major are eligible to declare a minor. Current juniors and seniors are not eligible to apply. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee of interdisciplinary faculty. The application process will reopen in Fall 2022.

Communication Minor Application

Program Director

Dr. Andrea M. McDonnell
Communication Program Director / Associate Professor of Political Science
Howley Hall 315

What you'll study

Through this program, students are expected to produce excellent works in various media including written, oral, and visual. Students learn the theoretical and historical underpinnings of communication as a field and its relationship with societal trends and issues. And perhaps most importantly, communication courses help students learn cross-disciplinary thinking and how to gather, synthesize, and evaluate critically information from various sources.

Required Courses

  • COM 100: Intro to Communication
  • TDF 102: Intro to Oral Communication
  • ARH 201: Visual Communication
  • ENG 202: Rhetorical Analysis and Argumentation
  • *Choice of an intermediate course from an array of courses, such as
    • Media & Society
    • PSC 326: Mass Media & Politics
    • Women, Mass Media and Popular Culture, 1800 to the Present
  • Communication Internship or Independent Study
  • Communication Capstone

    *certain courses planned to be offered in the future 

Notable Alumni in the Field

  • Doris Burke ’87, ’92G, & ’05Hon.
    Analyst for NBA on ESPN
    Major: Health Service Administration & Social Work
  • John O’Hurley ’76 & ’06Hon.
    Actor, singer, author, and entrepreneur; Seinfeld, The X-Files, Dancing with the Stars
    Major: Theatre
  • Peter Farrelly ’79
    Academy Award winning Producer, Director, Writer; Green Book
    With brother Bobby Farrelly: Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary
    Major: Accounting
  • Mark Ockerbloom ’85
    Anchor, Boston 25 News
    Major: English
  • Cayleigh Griffin ’14
    Host, AT&T SportsNet Houston
    Major: Humanities, Minor: Film
  • Edward Scanlon ’55, ’00Hon.
    Executive Vice President, NBC (retired)
    Major: Management
  • Sean McAdam ’81
    Reporter, Boston Sports Journal
    Major: Political Science
  • David Angell ’69
    Emmy Award winning Producer and CreatorWings, Frasier, Cheers
    Major: General Science
  • Mike Leonard ’70, ’00Hon.
    Filmmaker, formerly of NBC Today Show
    Major: Economics