Individualized Studies Major

Individualized Studies at Providence College

Students in good academic standing who wish to pursue a course of study not defined in any of the established majors at the college have the option to develop an individualized studies major which is usually interdisciplinary in nature.

In order to develop individualized studies major to be considered for approval by the College faculty, please click the button below and proceed as follows:


Peter Palumbo
Associate Dean/Director of Academic Advising



Individualized Study Major
  • Students will meet with the Director of Academic Advising to discuss the proposed individualized studies major and review the required forms to be submitted for the review of the proposal for the major.
  • Students will identify at least two full-time members of the Ordinary Faculty who will constitute a committee to sponsor the proposed course of study, approve the selection of courses that meet the breadth and depth expectations of all individualized studies majors, and monitor the completion of the course of study.
  • Student and faculty sponsors will meet together as a committee to complete the proposal. Supporting documentation must include the student’s typed proposal outlining an overview and rationale for the program, proposed course of study, fulfillment of college requirements, and estimated completion calendar. In addition, recommendations by all faculty sponsors involved in the program must be submitted, along with forms acknowledging the proposal’s review by appropriate academic department chairs.
  • Students will meet with the academic department chairs of those departments in which the program’s faculty sponsors hold appointment. Department chairs will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed program and will be asked to identify any issues (e.g., course availability) that may prevent the student from completing the program in a timely manner.
  • Students will then submit their completed individualized studies major proposal to the Director of Academic Advising for review.
  • The Director of Academic Advising agrees that the proposal satisfies the minimum requirements for all individualized studies majors (e.g., fulfillment of all Core Curriculum and general education requirements, minimum of 10 courses from two or more disciplines, identification of courses to be used in determining major GPA, at least two-thirds upper-division courses for the major, a course of study not possible within existent programs, faculty sponsorship), s/he will forward the proposal to the Committee on Studies for review.

Normally, the student will submit a proposal for an individualized studies major no later than the beginning of the spring semester of the sophomore year. For more information, please consult with the Student Success Center.