Inclement Weather

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Inclement Weather Policy

Providence College makes every attempt to maintain normal operations for students, faculty, and staff during periods of inclement weather. Extreme conditions, however, sometimes make it necessary to delay or cancel operations. These decisions are made by the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Several factors play a role in deciding whether to alter normal operations, including the severity and timing of a storm and the condition of roadways and campus walkways.

Procedure for Cancellation/Delay

When inclement weather necessitates cancellation of operations for an entire day or a delayed start, an announcement will be made on the Weather Advisory Line. Members of the College community can reach the Weather Advisory Line by dialing 401.865.1012 or go to to determine College operating status during weather-related emergencies.

The Provost/Senior Vice President also will notify local television and radio stations so the closing announcement can be added to cancellation listings.

Procedure for Early Dismissal

If inclement weather causes the early dismissal of offices and classes, the Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs will inform faculty and staff of the time of closing through voicemail. In addition, all members of the community will receive email messages.

Classifying Morning, Afternoon, Evening Classes

In instances when classes are delayed or dismissed early, the following descriptions of Morning, Afternoon, and Evening classes should be used by members of the College community, including Graduate and School of Continuing Education students.

  • ​Morning classes are all classes that begin before noon.
  • Afternoon classes are all classes that begin between noon and 3:45 p.m.
  • Evening classes are all classes that begin at 4 p.m. or later.

Class Make-Up Days

Should weather events be the cause of multiple cancellations of the same day of the week, the College may choose to invoke a make-up day. If this decision is made, instructions will follow.

Weather-Related Absence

On occasion, adverse weather conditions may cause a faculty or staff member to be concerned about his or her safety in traveling to and from work if classes are still in session and/or offices are open. In these instances, a faculty member is encouraged to have students make up the lost class time. A staff member who is concerned about his/her safety due to travel distance, hazardous driving conditions, availability of public transportation, etc. when offices remain open, can make a prudential decision to remain home but that employee’s vacation time will be charged.​

Physical Plant and Department of Public Safety employees are covered by the terms of their respective collective bargaining agreements.