Health Policy and Management at Providence College

Why Study Health Policy and Management at Providence College?
For more than three decades the Health Policy and Management Program (HPM) at PC has been preparing students for challenging careers in health services management, health policy-making, and public health practice, as well as providing a strong foundation for graduate study. Today, health policy and management is one of PC’s most popular areas of study. As the complexity of issues regarding health and health care have grown significantly in recent years, so has our program evolved to prepare students to rise to those challenges.

The growing popularity of the HPM Program at PC reflects larger trends in the economy and society. Current employment forecasts suggest that the demand for health care services will continue to expand in the coming decades.  Our graduates work in a variety of fields, including government, hospital administration, health insurance, health information technology, health law, health care financial management, human resources management, pharmaceutical sales and product development, public health, quality improvement, and research and teaching.