World Languages and Cultures at Providence College

Why Study World Languages and Cultures at Providence College? 
Majoring in a foreign language is much more than just learning a foreign language. Our majors and minors become proficient Spanish, French, German, or Italian readers, writers, and speakers.

But, our hope for students goes deeper than that. We want our students to become even more culturally proficient — understanding how the cultures they are studying are different from their own and also accepting of the connections. 

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What you'll study

Bachelor of Arts 
The department offers a major in French, Italian, and Spanish, as well as a major in conjunction with the Secondary Education Program in preparation for a career as a foreign language teacher. Many students choose to declare a double major, linking their language major with a major in another field, such as art history, biology, global studies, health policy and management, marketing, political science, and others.  

The department offers a minor in French, German, Italian, and Spanish to complement their major field of study. In addition, specially designed programs of language study can be created to suit the needs of individual students. We also offer several courses in Arabic and Chinese.  

Selected Courses

  • Conversational French  
  • French for Business  
  • French Novel  
  • German Culture  
  • German Romantic Literature  
  • Modern Italy Authors and Works of the Late Renaissance  
  • Italian Cinema  
  • Conversational Spanish  
  • Hispanic Civilization  
  • Contemporary Hispanic


Our faculty members are specialists — masters of languages ranging from Spanish and Italian to French and German to Arabic and Chinese. Moreover, we’re experts on the literature and culture that define the countries we teach about.

We hold degrees from institutions that include the University of California, Santa Barbara, Notre Dame, Boston University, and the University of Wisconsin, and have written pieces that have appeared in prestigious journals. 


Some very cute kids working with an instructor on a coloring page of a sailboat

Our foreign language program provides experiential learning opportunities in a multitude of ways.  

  • Language majors and minors have interned at a variety of organizations, including the Diocese of Providence, the International Institute of Rhode Island, and the French-American School of Rhode Island.
  • Majors and minors are eligible for induction into several language honor societies and for several department awards.
  • Language majors and minors often apply for prestigious post-college awards, such as the Fulbright Award.
  • Majors and minors can study abroad in dozens of countries — ranging from Morocco and China to Germany, Italy, and Cuba.


of 2017-2021 foreign language studies graduates are employed and/or attending graduate school

*Due to rounding, some totals may not correspond with the sum of the separate figures.

  • 68% are employed only
  • 20% are attending school only
  • 6% are employed and attending school

Selected Places of Employment/Service 

  • Apple Inc.
  • Boston Medical Center 
  • Dorcas International Institute of RI
  • Elementary and secondary schools throughout the United States  
  • Fulbright Commission of Spain
  • HubSpot
  • The Leadership Institute
  • Lifespan 
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Perspective Group LLC
  • Peterson, Johnson, and Murray Law Firm 
  • Providence Community Health Center

Selected Graduate Schools

  • Brown University
  • Clemson University
  • Mente Argentina
  • Northeastern School of Law  
  • Providence College 
  • Notre Dame Law School
  • Suffolk University
  • Merrimack College
  • Temple University